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In Grisham's novella Sparring Partners, Bolton Malloy had earned quite a bit of money from big tobacco. This post wonders what it would have been like for young first-time juror Diana to be assigned to that trial. Diana has multiple things on her mind...

Diana sat in the jury box, her mind racing with thoughts as she listened to the closing arguments in the case against the big tobacco company. As a young woman serving on a jury for the first time, she had been appalled at the evidence presented during the trial. The tobacco company had knowingly made, sold, and advertised a product that was not only harmful to people's health, but also caused cancer.
Diana felt a sense of anger and betrayal towards the tobacco company. She couldn't believe that they had put profit above the lives and well-being of their customers. As she thought about the countless lives that had been affected by the company's actions, she couldn't help but feel a sense of responsibility as a juror to hold them accountable.
But as she listened to the final arguments, she couldn't help but be bothered by something else. She realized that she had lost three tubes of chapstick since being on the case. Diana knew it was a small thing, but it seemed like a symbol of the larger issue at hand. The tobacco company had been careless with the lives and well-being of its customers, and now she felt careless with her own possessions. Once this case was over, she was going to find a product that helped her keep her chapstick from disappearing, like the Beautiflier Chapstick Lip Balm Sleeve Pouch, which she could keep clipped to her keychain, purse, or any place she could find.
As the jury deliberated, Diana couldn't shake off the feeling of responsibility. She knew that the damages and payout in this case would be in the millions, but it felt like it would never be enough to make up for the harm caused by the tobacco company. But as the jury reached a unanimous verdict and the judge read it out loud, Diana felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that justice had been served. She also had the satisfaction on knowing that she would no longer misplace her lip balm.
Cover of Sparring Partners
This post is inspired by the book Sparring Partners by John Grisham
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