Man holding up tortilla blanketAI generated image of a poet wrapped in a tortilla blanket.AI generated image of a poet wrapped in a tortilla blanket.

Giant Double Sided Tortilla Blanket

Meant to be read in the voice of Martin Silenus from the novel, Hyperion:

Ah, the life of luxury, where every desire is catered to and every whim indulged. In a home where each room is in the gravity of a different planet, one's senses would be constantly stimulated and pampered. But with such indulgence comes a certain ennui, a boredom and jadedness that can only come from having every pleasure at one's fingertips.

As for food, well, one would likely become accustomed to the finest cuisine, expertly prepared by the most skilled chefs. With such a wealth of culinary delights available, one's desire for food might become less about sustenance and more about novelty and excitement.

But eventually, even the most exotic and rare dishes would lose their allure, and one might begin to seek out new and strange experiences in order to satiate the jaded palate. And so, it is not difficult to imagine that one who lives such a life of luxury might eventually find themselves drawn to the idea of dressing as food themselves, seeking to become a part of the culinary experience in a more intimate way. Whether this would bring the excitement and novelty they seek, or simply become yet another passing fancy, is anyone's guess.

And that is why, packed in his things as he traveled on the Shrike pilgrimage, Martin Silenus made sure to pack his giant tortilla blanket.

Cover of Hyperion
This post is inspired by the book Hyperion by Dan Simmons
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